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Where it all began...

About Treble Stef

"When I started to follow a gluten free and low fodmap diet due to my health conditions, I was frustrated with the restrictions of not being able to enjoy the foods I always loved. From cakes and chocolate bars to go to meals i could no longer have, I found it almost impossible to find anything I really loved and didn't worsen my symptoms in the preexisting market.

At the same time, I had been deprived of proper nutrition due to years of malabsorption in my gut so I was in need of some nutrition as soon as possible.

That's when I started creating recipes..."


The journey...

Since then, there have been plenty of inedible creations - From flat, dry cakes to rock hard brownies! I have now, however, learned from my experiments/mistakes and finally managed to get my head around it all! I love to try recreating my childhood favourites usually - Think bakewell tarts, Battenburg cake and the ever popular 'Twix' bars!

IMG_7571 2.JPG

My Mission

I would love to show people that it IS POSSIBLE to have nutritious, gluten free, dairy free treats that taste good too!

I know from personal experience how much better I feel when getting the right nutrients into my body and cant believe how much difference its made for me!

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