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Doctor's Desk

TrebleStef is now offering...

Diabetic & Keto friendly Cakes!

After popular demand, completely sugar free cakes will now be available to order alongside our original cakes.

Please contact us with the specifications of your sugar free cake such as size, flavour etc. so we can make sure it's just right!

Man Doing Blood Test

How can I Ensure the cake is diabetic/keto friendly?

Our cakes have been tried and tested by patients with diabetes, and have been found to have with a 100% success rate at keeping their blood sugars at a steady level.

When delivered, your cake will include a full breakdown of Carbs, Sugars, Fibre and Protein per slice (and for the whole cake if you wish to cut into bigger or smaller portions!)

All of our diabetic cakes are high in fibre as this further lowers the impact of any carbohydrates on blood sugars.


Can I order any cake flavour? 

As much as I'd like to promise you that anything is possible, when it comes to sugar free cakes there are some limitations since some fruits etc are naturally high in carbs...

I would, however, like to provide you with a cake as close to your preference as possible. So please let me know what your ideal cake would be and I will do my best to replicate your preferences!

pictured: Diabetic friendly, Gluten free, dairy free 8" two layer lemon cake filled with sugar free lemon curd.

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